Temporary Hiatus

Hey everyone~

So, I’m here to make the post that basically says I don’t think the August deadline was met since I have not received any new submissions since my last post. This means as of now, I do not have enough material to make a zine out of. I’m pretty bummed about this, and I’ve been putting off making a post about it because I didn’t want it to straddle the gap between too whiny or too aggressive, of which neither is helpful.

For now, I’m keeping submissions open indefinitely until we have enough to make a zine with. I know people are busy, and I know people are working on other projects; I am hoping this is the reason that things have slowed down. I have about 8 pages worth of content right now, and 15$ in the community donation pool that two very generous fans have given me for supplies. I have faith that this will become realized before the end of 2012, so I will continue to keep it open for people’s comments and suggestions.

Please keep this project in mind. I was so excited when everyone initially showed up for support.

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