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Well, it’s hard to have a zine without material to submit into it! That’s where you, trusty reader, come into play. We need your submitted material in order to fill out the pages of our zine. We will accept all sorts of fan media — images, prose, lit, cosplay, etc. Make sure to follow the following guidelines when submitting stuff:

  • No 18+ Material – This zine is being made with young fans in mind as well, so any graphic pornography, sexual situations, or violence will not be allowed in. The general rule is that if you can’t read this openly in a High School setting or younger, it won’t get through. I’m personally fine with erotica in art and fiction, but at least where the magazine is based out of (USA), distributing 18+ materials to minors is illegal. I have a cat to feed; I’m not interested in spending any time in the clink.
  • No Copyrighted DC Material – If you’re just copying and pasting (or tracing) information that has already been on the DC website or any of it’s official publications, it can’t be allowed in. Redistributing their stuff without permission will get you under their legal hammer.
  • Don’t Yank Someone Else’s Stuff – unless you have written, verifiable permission to submit something from someone (like someone without internet access or a younger fan), please only submit things that you made. I know it’s really tempting to rip someone’s stuff and put your own watermark on it, but the BLC fandom is small and with the help of google it’s not too hard to figure out who is and isn’t submitting things for the zine.

Please try to keep files under 10Mb. Larger files may not make it through the submission filter.

For DA users, you can send me a note with a link to your submission material via my DA page.
For everyone else, you can email the website at

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