…And we’re back! Again! For like a 3rd time!

Alrighty. I think I have everything back to where it needs to be. You may notice that the Registration + Log-in are not available at the time. When the site crashed, the entire folder got deleted so for the few people that signed up, all of their information was erased. Luckily, I had saved all of the submissions so far to my HD, so we’re good on stuff already sent.

I’m working on re-integrating an upload/file exchange system for ease of submitting things, but I’m going to look around for a really solidly made system, which means that for now you’ll have to send me files to my email address. All of the new submissions info is in the Submit Material tab.

I swear I’m not usually this useless at website maintaining. *laughs* It’s been a hellavuh’ month.

Also, I still need the information for the person who submitted this to the zine. I have no contact or information about it’s creator, and I don’t want to throw it in the zine if I can’t properly credit you for it!

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BLC Fanzine go boom.

Hey everyone. So, as you may have noticed the site looks pretty different and much smaller. Long story short, I just got back with the support team from my lovely SSP and there was a small explosion in this folder of the site which had to be fixed with a backup file. Unfortunately, I think the main files were so screwed up that wordpress just reset itself once I was able to get back in. So, two things learned: No user uploading to this server for a while and I will be much more diligent about making backups In case this happens again. Which I hope doesn’t. Because getting attacked by a script bot sucks.

People that have already sent me stuff: I do still have your downloads and your information an for use with them. So far, 3 people have submitted me things which means that there are still 2 possible spots for the next submittors to get the issue #1 zine on the house + bonus gifts.

In the mean time, I will rebuild this site so that it does not look so boring and I’ll come to a new option for private, password protected uploading in the future since that seems to be what was taken advantage of. Thank you for your patience!

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