Material Needed

I can’t really print this thing without material to put in it. From the initial poll I put out, it looks like fans are pretty interested in fan art and fan fiction, as well as smaller sections for general information and resource links, etc. I’m not sure how many pages the first issue will be until I can gather enough material to make it, but here is a general listing of things we will definitely need:

  • Fan art – There are a lot of really talented artists out there! I’m hoping that anyone who wants to submit art can have at least a 1 or 2 page spread, so if you have anything from doodles to portfolio pieces, gag images to short comic strips, please be sure to submit them!
  • Fan Fiction – Written something about the character dynamics between the Blue Lantern Corps and other characters? Have a fan lantern you’d like to formally introduce with a short story? We want it!
  • Cosplay – I know a lot of the other lantern corps have a devoted fan base to cosplay, but would you like to introduce the world to your own awesome costume creation? I know for sure I’d like to see Blue Lanterns costumes IRL, and you may even inspire other people to follow in your footsteps!
  • Craft Time – If there is something that is the pinnacle of fandom, it’s homemade crafts dedicated to thier favorite character(s). If you’ve made any artisan crafts, custom painted figures, jewelry, etc., please take a picture to share with everyone. Even better: if you’ve made an awesome craft and you’re willing to show other people how you made it with pictures and a step by step tutorial, I know you’d really brighten the day of another Blue Lantern fan!
  • Fan Lit-Crit – People have a lot of opinions about whats been happening with the BLC in the few years they were introduced into the DCU. Now with the 52 revamp and the Green Lantern animated series, there’s even more multiverse options available for fans. Love something, Hate something? Feel like you have some special insight about a certain storyline or universe you’d like to air out? We want to hear it, too — Make sure to be civil in your constructive criticisms of the series, however, as there is a chance that people who work for DC will come across a copy of our humble zine.
  • Anything Else – I’m sure there are things I’m totally forgetting here. Did you get some stickers made, have a Blue Lantern Sigil Tattoo’ed, named’ your kid Warth? Send it in!

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