Above is the first draft of the first issue. It ended up being around 20 pages or so, and I’m finalizing the cover design right now (plus, I didn’t want to spoil it at all. :3) I am hoping to get the Blue Lantern Fanzine Issue #1 out by the end of July 2014. It may end up being a little bit longer than it currently is right now depending on how much I have to add into it. There will be rotating incentive items with each issue as a thank you for paying for shipping. Each months item will be secret, so you’ll have to grab an issue to find out what it is!

I also have a theme for Issue #2 already due to some of the content I’ve gathered over the last year: DIY Fantern projects like Cookies, Logo T-shirts, & more!

As of now, I am opening up pre-orders for issue #1. This zine is intended to be a print-only, low-fi version so at the immediate time it is free, but shipping (North America) will be $1.50, $2.00USD worldwide.  Thank you all again for your submissions and your patience while we get this together.

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