Issue #1 omake + updates

Hello again!

I’d like to open up another public poll with just quick question about those interested in issue #1 (although anyone can take the poll if they’d like! ) I’m still very into the idea of including a gift with each issue, and I’d like to get an idea of what people would like. This could also be something we open up to the public to help create art for, so keep that in mind for people who haven’t found anything they’d like to submit yet. I’m wanting to get a feel for what people are interested in early so that when August comes and I sit down for a few days to compile everything into a useable format that I wont be rushing the issue’s gift bonus until the last gasping second.

If you’d like to suggest other options that aren’t on the poll, you can always holler at me on DA or you can leave a message with this post!

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