I’m a little wary about the August Deadline.

This is just another quick update, as well as opening another option to send me things for the fanzine since I still have not received any new submissions.

As of now, I have 5 submissions from people who aren’t me, and those are from only 3 different people. All together, they will cover about 8 pages of content, assuming I can stretch them out. Again, I’m coming at you guys with all of my honesty: I can’t do this project on my own. I can’t. I need your help filling out this zine project, and I swear to you on my honor that if you just hang in there with me and take the 2 minutes of your day to shoot me some of your fan content to put into this, I will make it worth your while. I will wow the fuck out of you, and you’ll wow the fuck out of yourself and other BLC fans too. But I need you to submit stuff. If I end up putting in the content for a fanzine that is 90% my own stuff, I can guarantee you that you’re gonna have a bad time.

I’ve talked about it with my brother a little bit, and as best I can figure, I sort of came out of no where so I have a feeling people are like “Who the fuck…? Why would I help her?” I’m trying to help the image of ‘small but strong’ with the BLC fan community. I need you to help me make that an actual truth. In the vein of Saint Walker, I hope you’ll put a little trust in me to make something really cool for y’all.

If you feel more comfortable sending me content on my DA page, please give me a visit and send me a note. I know that people aren’t always comfortable sending letters to someone they don’t know, so I’m hoping it’s just a case of cold feet. (I’m curious why people are afraid of sending an email — is it the taking out all of the numbers from my email address that is getting people? I can’t tell. You do not need to make an account to comment on this webpage. I’m hoping that will help push up the feedback a little bit more. The only thing you have to have is a working email (to weed out spambots. I can’t even see it unless you let me).)

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that a little bit more stuff comes in before August. I have faith in you guys and your creativity!

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