So, this website has been down for about a year. Largely it was because I couldn’t get enough people to submit anything to the fanzine despite coaxing and throwing in bonus items and free issue(s)for people who submitted stuff.

I’ve decided I’m fine doing it on my own if I have to. This is my project, this is my goal. I’d love for people to take part in it, but if they don’t want to I totally understand. It’s only an extra kick in the butt that within the last 6 months they’ve effectively tried to fold the BLC down to one surviving member, Saint Walker. (I won’t spoil it for people on how this occurred, but it occurred.)

The page is up, and you’re welcome to peruse or submit your own content to appear in the zine. When I have the first issue available I will put up information about it here. People who submit things to the zine will get it for free, everyone else will get it for $1.50 (To include postage since this will be a paper ‘zine, not a digital one.)

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2 Responses to Ehn?

  1. avatar Brother Joseph says:

    Hi, Im sure this is far outdate and abandoned but i am a amazingly huge fan of the blue lantern corps. I would love to help start up something, submit as much material as possible, create videos detailing things, anything i need to do

    • avatar D*H says:

      Actually, this project is almost out with it’s first issue. We’re always looking for submissions and I’m hoping to get issue one out before the end of the month!

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