You’re probably wondering why the heck a non-profit is looking for donations. Well, it comes down to material cost and time it takes to gather, compile, and edit the zine to make sure it isn’t just a bunch of papers in comic sans thrown together. Materials alone are likely going to run 50$ an issue (EG. paper, screen printing inks, custom B&W printing, assembly tools like laminating and staples).

Donations are not required as each zines’ initial cost ($1.50) will include a little money to setback materials and S&H costs. However, if you have a little extra change to throw our way, we’d be grateful for whatever you can help with. BLCF isn’t looking for hundreds of dollars – a couple bucks is more than enough to help out for the time being.

All donations are processed through paypal for security reasons (both for me and for you). Anyone who donates has the option to remain anonymous or show their name, as each issue will make a special section for people who helped out with monetary involvement. Make sure to include special directions in your paypal payment if you would like to remain anonymous.

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